COLOUR BAKAOS - Stories & Hand Drawings - Mindfulness for Kids & Adults (1) FREE MINIedition (Danish)

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FREE MINIedition of 'COLOUR BAKAOS - Stories & Hand Drawings - Mindfulness for Kids & Adults (1)'

Author: Vibeke Nørly - Artwork: BAKAOS / Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld

This is a FREE MINI edition of the book to give Kids & Adults beautiful and imaginative, hand-drawn works from BAKAOS to colour, at a time where people all over the world have to stay at home for a period of time due to the Corona pandemic.

We hope that colouring these FantasyTastic BAKAOS drawings - all made by hand - will bring joy and relaxation in a difficult time.

Colouring is a recognised Mindfulness technique that both kids and adults can benefit from.

We have spiced the drawings with stories, as we want to bring inspiration to the world, because the tension of this pandemic might vanish while colouring and talking about some of the subjects in our book.   




If you want the full book or e-book, you buy it in our webshop here at: It will be published June 6 2020 and we will ship the orders as soon as the books arrive!


COLOUR BAKAOS - Stories & Hand Drawings - Mindfulness for Kids & Adults (1) FREE MINIedition will be published in the following languages as soon as the translations are ready:


978-87-92967-20-6  - Danish - released April 24, 2020

978-87-92967-21-3 - English (Br)

978-87-92967-22-0 - English (US)

978-87-92967-23-7 - Svensk

978-87-92967-24-4 - Norsk

978-87-92967-25-1 - Deutch

978-87-92967-26-8 - Netherlands

978-87-92967-27-5 - Francais

978-87-92967-28-2- Italiano

978-87-92967-29-9 - Espaniol

978-87-92967-30-5 - Russian

978-87-92967-31-2 - Chinese


GRATIS MINI-udgave af 'FARVELÆG BAKAOS - Fortællinger & Håndtegninger - Mindfulness til børn & voksne (1)'

Forfatter: Vibeke Nørly - Kunst: BAKAOS / Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld

Dette er en GRATIS MINI-udgave af bogen for at give børn & voksne smukke og fantasifulde, håndtegnede værker fra BAKAOS til farvelægning, på et tidspunkt hvor mennesker over hele verden skal bo hjemme i en periode på grund af Corona pandemien.

Vi håber, at farvelægning af disse FantasiTastiske BAKAOS-tegninger - alt sammen tegnet i hånden - vil bringe glæde og afslapning i en vanskelig tid.

Farvelægning er en anerkendt Mindfulness-teknik, som både børn og voksne kan drage fordel af. Vi har krydret tegningerne med historier, da vi ønsker at bringe inspiration til verden, fordi den anspændthed eller stress, som følger med denne pandemi, muligvis forsvinder, når vi farvelægger og taler om nogle af emnerne i bogen.


Hvis du vil have den fulde bog eller e-bog, køber du den i vores webshop her på:

Den udkommer i juni, hvor vi også har planlagt at afholde bog-lanceringsfest, men vi må desværre lige afvente myndighedernes udmelding om forsamlingsforbud, før vi kan give jer den endelige dato. BAKAOS signerer gerne bøgerne og vi afsender ordrene, så snart bogen kommer på vores lager!


You can visit me in my Studio / Mini-Gallery by appointment.

BAKAOS/ Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld
Ny Vestergårdsvej 8
3500 Værløse

Tel. + 45 26 79 14 89
CVR: 38487833

The studio / mini gallery is situated at the street level.
Parking right at the sidewalk just in front of the Studio.
No steps into the Gallery:
A L-shaped hallway, 121 cm wide leading right to the Gallery. 
At the bottom of the L,  the hallway is 83 cm  wiide.
The studio can though be so crowded with art work that it sometimes can be hard to pass by - sometimes also for people without a wheelchair :-)
When you contact me to arrange for your visit, please let me know, if you have special needs, so I can try to make the conditions as optimal for you as possible.
There is also access to the toilet, where there is a closet with a sink and a radiator to support if needed. The door is 72 cm wide and 75 cm in depth from the door step - with the possibility to use the shower cabinet floor by the end to the bathroom in order to flip the chair.  The floor is evenly flat (including the shower area).
If you need help getting out / in your car, or any assistance at all, please let me know and I will help as best I can.

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