LIMITED EDITION - PRINT: Hverken Fugl eller Fisk - 52 x 52 cm m.ramme.

Regular price 1.650,00 kr

Lækkert gicléeprint/pigmentprint i begrænset oplag, signeret i bly.
Inkl. certifikat der garanterer kvaliteten samt det samlede antal print.  

Monteret i sortlakeret træramme med passepartout. 
Tryk: 36,5 x 36,5 cm.
Ramme: 50 x 50 cm.

Oplag: 15 stk. 

Ved bestilling får du det print med det laveste nummer, som jeg har hjemme i atelieret - eller hvis der er et særligt nummer du ønsker, og jeg stadig har det. 

VIGTIGT: Rammer sendes ikke. Afhentning/Levering skal aftales. 
Ønsker du printet uden ramme. Kontakt mig.

Se her om originalen er tilgængelig.

You can visit me in my Studio / Mini-Gallery by appointment.

BAKAOS/ Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld
Ny Vestergårdsvej 8
3500 Værløse

Tel. + 45 26 79 14 89
CVR: 38487833

The studio / mini gallery is situated at the street level.
Parking right at the sidewalk just in front of the Studio.
No steps into the Gallery:
A L-shaped hallway, 121 cm wide leading right to the Gallery. 
At the bottom of the L,  the hallway is 83 cm  wiide.
The studio can though be so crowded with art work that it sometimes can be hard to pass by - sometimes also for people without a wheelchair :-)
When you contact me to arrange for your visit, please let me know, if you have special needs, so I can try to make the conditions as optimal for you as possible.
There is also access to the toilet, where there is a closet with a sink and a radiator to support if needed. The door is 72 cm wide and 75 cm in depth from the door step - with the possibility to use the shower cabinet floor by the end to the bathroom in order to flip the chair.  The floor is evenly flat (including the shower area).
If you need help getting out / in your car, or any assistance at all, please let me know and I will help as best I can.

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