BAKAOS / Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld

I was born and raised in Farum (North Zealand), and today I wear down my drawing tools in Værløse, where I have my Studio and Mini-Gallery, which can be visited by appointment.

My approach to life is openness in soul and mind and to receive and pass on the universe that lives in my soul, heart and imagination, through my images.

I was born an optimist and have always been a daydreamer, where my imagination has repeatedly led me astray. That's how it was, when I was a kid, and that's how it remains! Today my daydreams and my vivid imagination are expressed in my art. Playful, imaginative and mostly colorful.

I am not a schooled artist, but I was born with an urge to express myself through my creativity. I've been drawing since I could hold onto a pencil, and have always been creative through my hands. It feels as natural to me as eating - and I have no doubt about the meaning of my life: to create art that can spread joy and smile, and that can ignite the imagination of kids and adults.

I do not make sketches (this has only happened twice!) Nor do I sit for weeks and plan what to draw.

My art comes directly from my heart and soul and to the materials, I'm drawing on. Its an everlasting source of ideas, beings and stories just waiting for their creation in my art.

Have a look into my Hand Drawn Universe here on my website. You are welcome to buy (most) of my works, but if you want to get even closer to me, I suggest you follow my Facebook page: Art by BAKAOS, or sign up for my Newsletter.

You are also welcome to visit me in my Studio / Mini-Gallery in Værløse, north of Copenhagen, Denmark.


FantasyTastic greetings from

BAKAOS / Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld

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