Your Vase - My Art

I love drawing on vases - in all sizes and shapes.

It is FantasticTastic to transform an already existing vase into art.

It can be a new or an old one, or made for the purpose - or it can be YOUR vase or jar that you have at home!

To me it is not only important what I can create myself, but also that I can create something new with something that has already been created and give it a new expression - a new life.

I'm not happy about the throw-away culture - there are many great things in the world already produced that I can draw on.

It is only the imagination that limits what I can draw on .... The vases can have smooth surfaces, fun shaping or pleated surfaces, where my hands really need to cooperate and the tongue must be held straight in the mouth when a stroke is required.

Because I only have one try ... if the result is to be nice!

FantasyTastic greetings from Barbara / BAKAOS

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